Inventions Inspired by Oceanic Animals


Introduction to Biomimicry

Fish and Galleons 1

Fish and Galleons 2

Fish and Galleons 3

Squid and Electrical Circuits 1

Squid and Electrical Circuits 2

Squid and Electrical Circuits 3

Whales and Wind Turbines 1

Whales and Wind Turbines 2

Whales and Wind Turbines 3

Sharks and Swimsuits 1

Sharks and Swimsuits 2

Sharks and Swimsuits 3

Dolphins and Tsunami Sensors 1

Dolphins and Tsunami Sensors 2

Dolphins and Tsunami Sensors 3

Cephalopods and Camouflage 1

Cephalopods and Camouflage 2

Cephalopods and Camouflage 3



Key Words / Index

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