Inventions Inspired by Flying Animals


Introduction to Biomimicry

Birds and Airplanes 1

Birds and Airplanes 2

Birds and Airplanes 3

Woodpeckers and Shock Absorbers 1

Woodpeckers and Shock Absorbers 2

Woodpeckers and Shock Absorbers 3

Kingfishers and Bullet Trains 1

Kingfishers and Bullet Trains 2

Kingfishers and Bullet Trains 3

Bats and Sonar 1

Bats and Sonar 2

Bats and Sonar 3

Dragonflies and Drones 1

Dragonflies and Drones 2

Dragonflies and Drones 3

Bees and Delivery Apps 1

Bees and Delivery Apps 2

Bees and Delivery Apps 3



Key Words / Index

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